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Monday, July 10, 2017

You Get Me

You Get Me is touted as a "Netflix Original," but there's nothing original about it. The screenwriter credit, given to Ben Epstein, should be shared with the author of Fatal Attraction, and any number of other films about psychotic teen stalkers. Beyond that, the movie is flat and uninteresting, and seems much longer than it's 89 minutes.

Taylor John Smith plays a 17-year-old kid (all the kids in the movie look at least college age) who has a great set-up--he has a decent job, and a great girlfriend (Halston Sage, which sounds like a J. Crew color). When he finds out that she had a drunk and slutty phase in her past, they break up for a night, and he ends up in the bed of Bella Thorne. But he's still in love with Sage, and goes back to her. Thorne doesn't like it, and she's crazy.

From there on You Get Me, directed without much style by Brent Bonacorso, is completely predictable, and also very stupid. One of Sage's friends suspects Thorne is up to something, so her smoothie gets poisoned. No one seems to think to investigate this. Thorne pretends to be pregnant, but no one asks for a test result. And when Smith thinks that Thorne has done something violent to Sage, he doesn't call the police.

I'll admit I only watched this film because of Thorne, who is very easy on the eyes. She's one of the executive producers, so she must have wanted to be in this. My suggestion to her is to try smarter scripts that don't rip off famous films.

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