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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Welcome, Lane!

I have a brand-new nephew, by the name of Lane Manning, born this morning at 2:20. He shares a birthday with, among others, Michaelangelo, Rob Reiner, Lou Costello, Willie Stargell, and Alan Greenspan.

For those keeping score, this makes eight nephews and two nieces. Little Lane is the first boy born to my brother and his sister-in-law, as they already have two girls. The middle name of Manning is not a tribute to either Peyton or Eli, but instead a family name--it was my grandmother's maiden name.

This is the first child born in the family that I learned about first via Facebook. When my mother called to tell me the news I could let her know "I already know!" Somehow my sister-in-law, from the hospital, put up a status change. Truly we live in a brave new world.

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