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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Black Magick

In my witch phase, I stumbled across a comic book called Black Magick, which has the kind of premise I'm surprised I haven't seen before: she's a police detective, and she's a witch. I'm guessing it will be a Netflix series before long.

Rowan Black is our heroine, and at the opening of Volume 1 she's in some kind of witch circle, and her cell phone goes off. It's a nice gag, making witches part of everyday life. Her best friend is a teacher. They are actual witches, not Wiccans, able to cast spells and everything.

But it turns out that Black has been personally called to a hostage situation. The man holding the hostages has singled her out, and tries to burn her alive. She casts a spell on him so that he burns up, but she keeps that from her colleagues (along with a lot of other things, such as that she's a witch).

Since this is only Volume 1, I was left hanging, but I liked it a lot. I would have really liked it when I was about fourteen, as the art by Nicola Scott, is very good and very risque. The great thing about witches is their easy way with nudity.

So in this case we have a story where witches are actually the good guys, and some mysterious group is after them. There seems to be no ties to Satan.

The writer is Greg Rucka. If I were a TV producer I'd be on the horn with him right now. Cops, witches, violence, casual nudity--it's a no-brainer.

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