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Thursday, October 20, 2016


The third debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is over, and there is three weeks to the election. Unless there is severe polling errors, everyone but the most die-hard Trump supporters know that Clinton has the election wrapped up. Trump did himself no help at last night's debate, leaving us with two more negative statements--"Such a nasty woman," and "I'll leave you in suspense."

The former comes on the same night that he said, to titters, that no one respects women more than he does. He respects them so much he tries to kiss and grope them whether they like it or not. But the latter statement is what had everyone in a tizzy. Moderator Chris Wallace wanted to know if Trump would accept the election results. He implied he might not concede.

Let's think about this for a second. The pundits, particularly on the left, but even many on the right, found this outrageous and anti-democratic, that America has always been about a peaceful transfer of power. But I think it's about something different. Trump does not have any power right now--it's not like he's an incumbent who could call up the army to prevent a successor. All this does is show how immature he is. He's a man-child. Clinton made the excellent point that he whines about everything--nothing is his fault. He called the Emmy voters corrupt, and when she pointed that out he smirked and said, "Should have won that one."

Trump, as I've said before, is a raging id. A spoiled brat, who though seventy years old, behaves like the obnoxious rich kid in the old movies. A man who calls Clinton Crooked Hillary but is facing two trials--one for racketeering and one for child rape--but when those are brought up it's because the system is out to get him. I find it amusing and horrifying that the anti-Clinton people believe every conspiracy about her, all the way up to having her enemies killed, but they don't believe Trump is capable of fondling women or ripping off seniors in a university scam.

Furthermore, concession is not needed. The people vote, the secretaries of state of each state certify the votes, and the electoral college votes. Trump's stamp of approval is not necessary. He can bitch and moan, and if there is a state that falls within the state's law for an automatic recount, that could happen, but based on the way the map looks, that would have to happen in an awful lot of states, for Hillary has an impregnable firewall.

On election night, look for three states--Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania. If Trump loses any one of them, it's over. His path to 270 electoral votes needs all of them. And he's well behind in the polls in all three. He won't get annihilated like Mondale or McGovern--there's too many deep red states out there who would vote for John Wayne Gacy if he were a Republican. But it will be a bruising loss. He may never give a concession speech, but Hillary will form a transition team, name a cabinet, and be inaugurated on January 20, 2017. What Trump will be doing that day is what will keep us in suspense.

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