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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Patch the Sky

Bob Mould is something of a god in indie rock, mostly for his tenure with Husker Du, and then had a band called Sugar. This summer he released a well-reviewed album called Patch the Sky, which I've been listening to all week. I found it strangely unimpressive.

I really like the first song, "Voices in My Head," which has a great hook. But, even after perhaps a dozen listens, I couldn't even identify any of the other songs. Part of the problem is that Mould's voice is buried in the mix. There is a lyric sheet, which I could read like poetry, but none of the words were audible, so I didn't find anything worth quoting.

That being said, the musicianship is excellent, with good guitar work by Mould, and nothing about it made me want to hurl it out my window. I'm afraid my response is one massive shrug.

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